Pattern for danish tableware Royal Copenhagen.
Cultural integration through the combination of iconic arabic and danish traditional embellishments.

Within the controversial context of Muhammad caricatures (2006), and for a competition launched by Royal Copenhagen, I suggested a series of new decors linking RC’s traditional colors and flower pattern (blue fluted) with traditional arabic ceramics decoration.

The cobalt blue pigment used on most of the Danish firms houseware being originally discovered in Iran, both traditions have more in commin than one would expect, and they blend beautifully.

Political stance as a strategy

It is common practice for businesses to avoid taking a stance in political controversies. However, the expression of this integrated pattern could have acted as a harmonizing strategy by the RC brands when sales of Danish products and brands plummeted during the Muhammad crisis.
Presenting itself respectful to the Arabic world while appearing progressive to the Western world, this integrative design approach holds the potential of politically positive branding.