UX Research for Min Doktor, leading provider of primary care online. Patients can meet doctors on their phone for full consultations, including inspection and treatment if needed.

My role was to communicate and help improve the experience of Min Doktor’s patients and healthcare providers.

The process of seeking care

I explored the context of patients seeking primary care in Sweden, in the aim of understandings the habits of physical care, what people value and what people dislike , both in real life and in their experience of seeking care on Min Doktor.

The project impacted the overall product strategy as an on-going source of information, as well as the marketing strategy.

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The process of providing care


Based on interviews conducted with doctors, midwifes and physiotherapists, I mapped the pleasures, pain points and unmet needs of these professionals,  working daily and for the first time with digital care.

These insights served the basis for a series of co-creation sessions, with designers but also with stakeholders of different departments, to improve on short and long term the clinical tool used at Min Doktor.